Newest shorted companies in Germany

List of companies which has gone from a zero percent short to a positive short.

# Company Short started Date Without short for
1.Teamviewer Ag4 days ago2021-06-162087 days
2.Deutz Aktiengesellschaft5 days ago2021-06-152086 days
3.Evonik Industries Ag6 days ago2021-06-142085 days
4.Onconova Therapeutics Inc13 days ago2021-06-072080 days
5.Nordex Se16 days ago2021-06-042079 days
6.United Internet Ag25 days ago2021-05-262072 days
7.Deutsche Lufthansa Ag31 days ago2021-05-202068 days
8.Aareal Bank Ag32 days ago2021-05-192067 days
9.Lpkf Laser & Electronics Ag33 days ago2021-05-182066 days
10.Itm Power Plc37 days ago2021-05-142064 days
11.Schaeffler Ag38 days ago2021-05-132063 days
12.Delivery Hero Se39 days ago2021-05-122062 days
13.K+s Aktiengesellschaft44 days ago2021-05-072059 days
14.Stratec Se46 days ago2021-05-052057 days
15.Shop Apotheke Europe N.v52 days ago2021-04-292053 days
16.Varta Ag72 days ago2021-04-092039 days
17.Morphosys Ag73 days ago2021-04-082038 days
18.Morphosys Ag73 days ago2021-04-082038 days
19.Hochtief Aktiengesellschaft82 days ago2021-03-302031 days
20.Bauer Aktiengesellschaft86 days ago2021-03-262029 days
21.Rational Aktiengesellschaft89 days ago2021-03-232026 days
22.Gea Group Aktiengesellschaft90 days ago2021-03-222025 days
23.Corestate Capital Holding Sa93 days ago2021-03-192024 days
24.Telefónica Deutschland Holding Ag96 days ago2021-03-162021 days
25.Ströer Se & Co. Kgaa136 days ago2021-02-041993 days
26.Whitbread Plc143 days ago2021-01-281988 days
27.Intercontinental Hotels Group Plc143 days ago2021-01-281988 days
28.Dürr Aktiengesellschaft151 days ago2021-01-201982 days
29.Auto Trader Group Plc151 days ago2021-01-201982 days
30.Grenke Ag167 days ago2021-01-041970 days
31.Ds Smith Plc167 days ago2021-01-041970 days
32.Hellofresh Se192 days ago2020-12-101953 days
33.Siltronic Ag235 days ago2020-10-281922 days
34.Elringklinger Ag243 days ago2020-10-201916 days
35.Biocept Inc254 days ago2020-10-091909 days
36.Bechtle Ag262 days ago2020-10-011903 days
37.Callon Petroleum Company282 days ago2020-09-111889 days
38.Evotec Se282 days ago2020-09-111889 days
39.Encavis Ag284 days ago2020-09-091887 days
40.Organovo Holdings Inc298 days ago2020-08-261877 days
41.Groupon Inc327 days ago2020-07-281856 days
42.Wirecard Ag359 days ago2020-06-261834 days
43.Sprott Inc.374 days ago2020-06-111823 days
44.New Work Se458 days ago2020-03-191763 days
45.Rib Software Se473 days ago2020-03-041752 days
46.Francesca's Holdings Corp480 days ago2020-02-261747 days
47.Bluelinx Holdings Inc481 days ago2020-02-251746 days
48.Designer Brands Inc485 days ago2020-02-211744 days
49.Phasebio Pharmaceuticals Inc487 days ago2020-02-191742 days
50.Sellas Life Sciences Group Inc489 days ago2020-02-171740 days
51.Liqtech International Inc513 days ago2020-01-241724 days
52.Bobst Group Sa522 days ago2020-01-151717 days
53.Aroundtown Sa530 days ago2020-01-071711 days
54.Jungheinrich Aktiengesellschaft551 days ago2019-12-171696 days
55.Cassava Sciences Inc563 days ago2019-12-051688 days
56.Pyxus International Inc572 days ago2019-11-261681 days
57.Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc586 days ago2019-11-121671 days
58.Eyepoint Pharmaceuticals Inc594 days ago2019-11-041665 days
59.Daseke Inc614 days ago2019-10-151651 days
60.Gerresheimer Ag633 days ago2019-09-261638 days
61.Leg Immobilien Ag724 days ago2019-06-27264 days
62.Tui Ag752 days ago2019-05-301553 days
63.Super League Gaming Inc766 days ago2019-05-161543 days
64.Catabasis Pharmaceuticals Inc795 days ago2019-04-171522 days
65.Curis Inc914 days ago2018-12-191437 days
66.Cosmo Pharmaceuticals N.v929 days ago2018-12-041426 days
67.Aumann Ag948 days ago2018-11-151413 days
68.Red Violet Inc957 days ago2018-11-061406 days
69.Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Aktiengesellschaft976 days ago2018-10-181393 days
70.Optinose Inc1,035 days ago2018-08-201350 days
71.Norma Group Se1,073 days ago2018-07-131324 days
72.Immofinanz Ag1,073 days ago2018-07-131324 days
73.Be Semiconductor Industries N.v1,096 days ago2018-06-201307 days
74.Amneal Pharmaceuticals Inc1,104 days ago2018-06-121301 days
75.Boohoo Group Plc1,104 days ago2018-06-121301 days
76.Aurelius Equity Opportunities Se & Co. Kgaa1,118 days ago2018-05-291291 days
77.Freenet Ag1,138 days ago2018-05-091277 days
78.Bilfinger Se1,173 days ago2018-04-041252 days
79.Krones Ag1,227 days ago2018-02-091214 days
80.Anaptysbio Inc1,230 days ago2018-02-061211 days
81.Hertz Global Holdings Inc1,242 days ago2018-01-251203 days
82.Salzgitter Ag1,264 days ago2018-01-031187 days
83.Sartorius Aktiengesellschaft1,292 days ago2017-12-061167 days
84.S&t Ag1,315 days ago2017-11-131150 days
85.Nemetschek Se1,334 days ago2017-10-251137 days
86.Hamborner Reit Ag1,347 days ago2017-10-121128 days
87.Bertrandt Aktiengesellschaft1,362 days ago2017-09-271117 days
88.Wacker Chemie Ag1,362 days ago2017-09-271117 days
89.Hugo Boss Ag1,369 days ago2017-09-201112 days
90.Zooplus Ag1,374 days ago2017-09-151109 days
91.Adva Optical Networking Se1,378 days ago2017-09-111105 days
92.Saf-holland Se1,409 days ago2017-08-111084 days
93.Gft Technologies Se1,420 days ago2017-07-311075 days
94.Software Aktiengesellschaft1,434 days ago2017-07-171065 days
95.Aurubis Ag1,469 days ago2017-06-121040 days
96.Medigene Ag1,489 days ago2017-05-231026 days
97.Zalando Se1,573 days ago2017-02-28966 days
98.Ams Ag1,595 days ago2017-02-06950 days
99.Deutsche Euroshop Ag1,637 days ago2016-12-26920 days
100.Cancom Se1,640 days ago2016-12-23919 days
101.Fraport Ag2,193 days ago2015-06-19524 days
102.Klöckner & Co Se2,202 days ago2015-06-10517 days
103.Sma Solar Technology Ag2,496 days ago2014-08-20307 days
104.Deutsche Wohnen Se2,754 days ago2013-12-05123 days
105.Drägerwerk Ag & Co. Kgaa2,875 days ago2013-08-0636 days
106.Südzucker AgN/A*--
107.Qiagen N.vN/A*--
108.Leoni AgN/A*--
109.Aixtron SeN/A*--

*Longer than available data.

Updated: 2021-06-18 18:55

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