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Most positions France

# Player name Positions
1.Marshall Wace Llp15
2.Citadel Advisors Llc12
3.Citadel Advisors Europe Limited9
4.Bridgewater Associates Lp6
5.Worldquant Llc6
6.Blackrock Investment Management (uk) Limited5
7.Ako Capital Llp4
8.Greenvale Capital Llp4
9.Qube Research & Technologies Limited4
10.Voleon Capital Management Lp4
11.Blackrock Investment Management Uk Limited3
12.Gladstone Capital Management Llp3
13.Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Limited3
14.Millennium International Management Lp3
15.Mirabella Financial Services Llp3
16.Aqr Capital Management Llc2
17.B&g Master Fund Plc2
18.Capital Fund Management2
19.Gsa Capital Partners Llp2
20.Kintbury Capital Llp2
21.Millennium Capital Partners Llp2
22.Natixis Sa2
23.Pdt Partners Llc2
24.Polar Asset Management Partners Inc.2
25.Adage Capital Management L.p.1
26.Ancient Art L.p.1
27.Arrowstreet Capital1
28.Astaris Capital Management Llp1
29.Atalan Capital Partners Lp1
30.Blackrock Financial Management Inc.1
31.Blackrock Institutional Trust Company National Association1
32.Bronte Capital Management Pty Ltd1
33.Capeview Capital Llp1
34.Capital Fund Management Sa1
35.Castle Creek Arbitrage Llc1
36.D. E. Shaw & Co. L.p.1
37.Darsana Capital Partners Lp1
38.Davidson Kempner European Partners Llp1
39.Ems Capital Lp1
40.Helikon Investments Limited1
41.Immersion Capital Master Fund Ltd1
42.Jane Street Group Llc1
43.Jupiter Investment Management Limited1
44.Kynam Capital Management Lp1
45.Linden Advisors Lp1
46.Lmr Partners Llp1
47.Marble Bar Asset Management Llp1
48.Marshall Wace Asia Limited1
49.Maverick Capital Ltd1
50.Melqart Asset Management (uk) Ltd1
51.Naya Capital Management Uk Limited1
52.Oceanwood Capital Management Llp1
53.Pantechnicon Advisors Llp1
54.Pictet Asset Management Limited1
55.Point72 Asset Management L.p.1
56.Point72 Europe (london) Llp1
57.Polar Asset Management Partners1
58.Psquared Asset Management Ag1
59.Rye Bay Capital Llp1
60.Sandbar Asset Management Llp1
61.Schonfeld Strategic Advisors Llc1
62.Schonfeld Strategic Uk Master Fund L.p.1
63.Steadfast Capital Management Lp.1
64.Syquant Capital1
65.Tiger Global Management Llc1
66.Tybourne Capital Management Hk Ltd1
67.Whitebox Advisors Llc1
68.Woodson Capital Management Lp1
69.Zimmer Partners Lp1
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