Biggest short players by value Sweden in SEK

# Name # of positions Value
1.Marshall Wace Llp114.671 M
2.Sandbar Asset Management Llp62.769 M
3.Blackrock Investment Management (uk) Limited52.090 M
4.Citadel Advisors Europe Limited32.086 M
5.Ako Capital Llp51.911 M
6.Kintbury Capital Llp61.652 M
7.Linden Advisors Lp21.303 M
8.Pelham Capital Ltd2882 M
9.Mirabella Financial Services Llp3846 M
10.Millennium International Management Lp2753 M
11.Citadel Advisors Llc4560 M
12.Gladstone Capital Management Llp2534 M
13.Arrowstreet Capital Limited Partnership6490 M
14.Hound Partners Llc2470 M
15.Millennium Capital Partners Llp2445 M
16.Thunderbird Partners Llp2424 M
17.Jpmorgan Asset Management (uk) Ltd8418 M
18.Point72 Asset Management Lp1358 M
19.59 North Capital Management Lp1314 M
20.Jane Street Group Llc1312 M
21.Pantechnicon Advisors Llp2304 M
22.Samlyn Capital Llc1269 M
23.Tfg Asset Management Uk Llp1256 M
24.Sylebra Capital Limited2222 M
25.Fosse Capital Partners Llp1209 M
26.Tenzing Global Management Llc1205 M
27.Rtw Investments Lp1203 M
28.Nns Investments (cyprus) Limited1186 M
29.Public Equity Partners Management L.p.1175 M
30.Dnb Asset Management As1172 M
31.Kontiki Capital Management (hk) Limited1156 M
32.Abdi Moazami1156 M
33.Eminence Capital Lp1146 M
34.Eleva Capital S.a.s1145 M
35.Ennismore Fund Management Ltd4132 M
36.Kuvari Partners Llp1131 M
37.Kairos Investment Management Limited2130 M
38.Ahl Partners Llp1110 M
39.Voleon Capital Management Lp5109 M
40.Pdt Partners Llc1106 M
41.Systematica Investments Limited1102 M
42.Whitebox Advisors Llc198 M
43.Canada Pension Plan Investment Board193 M
44.Think Investments Lp184 M
45.System 2 Capital Llp173 M
46.Marble Bar Asset Management Llp258 M
47.Boldhaven Management Llp155 M
48.Wellington Management International Limited154 M
49.Astaris Capital Management Llp148 M
50.Cubist Systematic Strategies Llc143 M
51.Talomon Capital Limited138 M
52.Trafalgar Capital Management (hk) Limited133 M
53.Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited130 M
54.Armistice Capital Llc128 M
55.Gsa Capital Partners Llp227 M
56.Cerza Plegar Ab125 M
57.Capital Fund Management Sa124 M
58.Worldquant Llc121 M
59.Covalis Capital Llp111 M
60.Syquant Capital17 M
61.Mcp (switzerland) Sarl15 M
62.Quartys Limited14 M
63.Citadel Advisors Ii Llc12 M
Updated: 2022-08-12 13:09

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