All short players in Italy

Current and historical positions

Ahl Partners Llp (314 positions)
Ako Capital Llp (458 positions)
Algebris (uk) Limited (2 positions)
Adelphi Capital (41 positions)
Albar Capital Limited (2 positions)
Algert Global Llc (6 positions)
Alliancebernstein Lp (2 positions)
Amber Capital Uk Llp (38 positions)
Amici Capital Llc (2 positions)
Antonio Papa (1 position)
B&g Master Fund Plc (118 positions)
Bnp Paribas Sa (352 positions)
Bank Of Montreal (2 positions)
Bocage Capital Llc (2 positions)
Bodenholm Capital Ab (5 positions)
Brightsphere Inc. (3 positions)
Capeview Capital Llp (25 positions)
Carmignac Gestion (16 positions)
Cqs (uk) Llp (133 positions)
Caius Capital Llp (4 positions)
Carlson Capital Uk Llp (94 positions)
Caxton Associates Lp (10 positions)
Caxton Europe Llp (2 positions)
Citadel Advisors Llc (460 positions)
Citadel Europe Llp (432 positions)
Clinton Group Inc. (4 positions)
D. E. Shaw & Co. L.p. (129 positions)
Eleva Capital (7 positions)
Exane Sa (4 positions)
Egerton Capital (uk) Llp (111 positions)
Eminence Capital Lp (2 positions)
Engadine Partners Llp (190 positions)
Exane Asset Management (46 positions)
Fvp Master Fund L.p. (18 positions)
Ferox Capital Llp (2 positions)
Glg Partners Lp (106 positions)
Gmt Capital Corp (54 positions)
Gsa Capital Partners Llp (331 positions)
Guevoura Fund Limited (53 positions)
Hbk Investments L.p. (14 positions)
Hrteu Limited (4 positions)
Immersion Capital Llp (22 positions)
Intermonte Sim Spa (275 positions)
Jana Partners Llc (4 positions)
Jane Street Group Llc (60 positions)
Kairos Partners Sgr Spa (236 positions)
Kintbury Capital Llp (4 positions)
Lmr Partners Llp (2 positions)
Lone Pine Capital Llc (47 positions)
Luminus Management Llc (45 positions)
Morgan Stanley (7 positions)
Macquarie Group Limited (168 positions)
Man Investments Ltd (27 positions)
Marshall Wace Llp (3819 positions)
Maverick Capital Ltd. (4 positions)
Menta Capital Llc (8 positions)
Morton Holdings Inc. (11 positions)
Numen Capital Llp (11 positions)
Numeric Investors Llc (90 positions)
Orbimed Advisors Llc (5 positions)
Oxford Asset Management (459 positions)
Pdt Partners Llc (466 positions)
Polar Capital Llp (8 positions)
Pelham Capital Ltd (13 positions)
Pointstate Capital Lp (7 positions)
Quartys Limited (22 positions)
Ram Active Investments (11 positions)
Rivulet Capital Llc (2 positions)
Rye Bay Capital Llp (8 positions)
Sfm Uk Management Llp (56 positions)
Saemor Capital B.v. (6 positions)
Sculptor Capital Lp (41 positions)
Squarepoint Ops Llc (72 positions)
Sulaco Capital (1 position)
Syquant Capital (52 positions)
Tpg-axon Management Lp (13 positions)
Theleme Partners Llp (2 positions)
Think Investments Lp (22 positions)
Two Sigma Advisers Lp (4 positions)
Ubs O'connor Llc (1 position)
Ubs O'connor Limited (18 positions)
Unicredit Bank Ag (2 positions)
Whitebox Advisors (7 positions)
Worldquant Llc (597 positions)