Gladstone Capital Management LlpSweden

Summary for all available positions:
Earned 6.70 million on Ratos B (history)
Earned 6.87 million on Ratos B (history)
Sum: 13.58 million SEK

Note: Ongoing positions are updated after the stock exchange is closed. To see todays changes, see active positions.

Ratos BSum change: 6.87 million SEK

# From To StartPrice EndPrice Short-% #stocks Change
1.2018-07-022018-08-3129.9631.820.63%1,511,017-2.81 M SEK
2.2018-01-082018-06-2936.9229.960.6%1,439,06410.02 M SEK
3.2017-11-292018-01-0536.6636.920.53%1,271,173-0.33 M SEK