Zaptec As - history

Country: Norway. Ticker: ZAP.OL

Summary for all available positions:
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership earned 4.90 million NOK (full history)
Gsa Capital Partners Llp earned 13.95 million NOK (full history)
Citadel Securities (europe) Limited earned 1.67 million NOK (full history)
Kairos Investment Management Limited lost -0.10 million NOK (full history)

Total sum: 20.42 million NOK earned in 26 positions.
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2024-05-072024-07-13 (ongoing)0.5212.40-Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership-
2.2024-04-232024-07-13 (ongoing)0.813.40-Gsa Capital Partners Llp-
3.2024-03-112024-04-220.717.4213.40Gsa Capital Partners Llp2.47 M NOK
4.2024-02-262024-02-260.518.3318.00Citadel Securities (europe) Limited0.15 M NOK
5.2024-02-212024-02-220.5222.3019.00Citadel Securities (europe) Limited1.53 M NOK
6.2023-12-012024-03-080.6516.3017.42Gsa Capital Partners Llp-0.65 M NOK
7.2023-11-242023-11-300.8116.3816.30Gsa Capital Partners Llp0.06 M NOK
8.2023-10-242024-05-060.6220.5612.40Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership4.47 M NOK
9.2023-10-202023-11-230.7120.6416.38Gsa Capital Partners Llp2.67 M NOK
10.2023-10-192023-10-230.5221.5020.56Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership0.44 M NOK
11.2023-10-052023-10-190.623.2820.64Gsa Capital Partners Llp1.41 M NOK
12.2023-09-192023-10-040.526.4023.28Gsa Capital Partners Llp1.37 M NOK
13.2023-08-112023-08-110.5730.5030.00Gsa Capital Partners Llp0.25 M NOK
14.2023-07-212023-08-100.6930.4030.50Gsa Capital Partners Llp-0.06 M NOK
15.2023-07-062023-07-200.7131.9430.40Gsa Capital Partners Llp0.96 M NOK
16.2023-06-152023-07-050.6934.8631.94Gsa Capital Partners Llp1.78 M NOK
17.2023-06-092023-06-140.7135.2434.86Gsa Capital Partners Llp0.24 M NOK
18.2023-05-152023-06-080.6837.4235.24Gsa Capital Partners Llp1.31 M NOK
19.2023-05-122023-05-120.5439.3037.42Gsa Capital Partners Llp0.89 M NOK
20.2023-05-112023-05-110.7539.5239.30Gsa Capital Partners Llp0.15 M NOK
21.2023-05-102023-05-100.6241.5439.52Gsa Capital Partners Llp1.10 M NOK
22.2022-09-072022-09-070.5333.1232.35Kairos Investment Management Limited0.32 M NOK
23.2022-07-292022-09-060.6944.6233.12Kairos Investment Management Limited6.14 M NOK
24.2022-07-272022-07-280.7642.0044.62Kairos Investment Management Limited-1.52 M NOK
25.2022-07-212022-07-260.8941.3542.00Kairos Investment Management Limited-0.45 M NOK
26.2022-06-222022-07-200.9435.0041.35Kairos Investment Management Limited-4.59 M NOK

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