Lloyds Banking Group Plc - history

Country: United_kingdom. Ticker: LLOY.LSE

Summary for all available positions:
Viking Global Investors Lp lost -3.76 million GBX (full history)
Marshall Wace Llp earned 3.26 million GBX (full history)

Total sum: 0.5 million GBX lost in 10 positions.
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2023-11-292023-11-290.4942.4543.45Viking Global Investors Lp-306.66 M GBX
2.2023-10-202023-11-280.5241.8842.45Viking Global Investors Lp-185.50 M GBX
3.2023-08-242023-10-190.6141.8741.88Viking Global Investors Lp-3.82 M GBX
4.2023-08-212023-08-230.5142.2541.87Viking Global Investors Lp119.69 M GBX
5.2020-10-152020-10-150.4926.9626.59Marshall Wace Llp113.46 M GBX
6.2020-09-162020-10-140.5926.1626.96Marshall Wace Llp-297.24 M GBX
7.2020-09-142020-09-150.6125.8826.16Marshall Wace Llp-104.98 M GBX
8.2020-08-142020-09-110.5129.1825.88Marshall Wace Llp1,053.28 M GBX
9.2020-08-122020-08-130.4929.4629.18Marshall Wace Llp84.33 M GBX
10.2020-08-102020-08-110.527.7929.46Marshall Wace Llp-522.57 M GBX

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