Jtc Plc - history

Country: United_kingdom. Ticker: JTC.LSE

Summary for all available positions:
Glg Partners Lp lost -3.30 million GBX (full history)
Millennium International Management Lp lost -0.07 million GBX (full history)

Total sum: 3.37 million GBX lost in 22 positions.
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2023-07-252023-07-250.48727.00735.00Glg Partners Lp-6.28 M GBX
2.2023-06-192023-07-240.57745.00727.00Glg Partners Lp16.78 M GBX
3.2023-03-172023-06-160.68648.00745.00Glg Partners Lp-107.87 M GBX
4.2023-01-252023-03-160.79730.00648.00Glg Partners Lp105.94 M GBX
5.2022-12-282023-01-240.8752.00730.00Glg Partners Lp28.78 M GBX
6.2022-12-022022-12-270.77805.00752.00Glg Partners Lp66.74 M GBX
7.2022-11-102022-12-010.88780.00805.00Glg Partners Lp-35.98 M GBX
8.2022-10-042022-11-090.92695.00780.00Glg Partners Lp-127.89 M GBX
9.2022-06-302022-10-030.81602.00695.00Glg Partners Lp-123.20 M GBX
10.2022-06-202022-06-290.71581.00602.00Glg Partners Lp-24.38 M GBX
11.2022-06-152022-06-170.61633.00581.00Glg Partners Lp51.88 M GBX
12.2022-05-112022-06-140.53658.00633.00Glg Partners Lp21.67 M GBX
13.2019-01-152022-05-100.26346.00658.00Glg Partners Lp-132.67 M GBX
14.2018-11-202019-01-140.77309.50346.00Glg Partners Lp-45.96 M GBX
15.2018-11-132018-11-190.83335.50309.50Glg Partners Lp35.29 M GBX
16.2018-10-292018-11-120.99325.00335.50Glg Partners Lp-17.00 M GBX
17.2018-06-192018-06-190.49407.00408.00Millennium International Management Lp-0.80 M GBX
18.2018-06-152018-06-180.51400.00407.00Millennium International Management Lp-5.84 M GBX
19.2018-03-262018-10-261.02300.00325.00Glg Partners Lp-41.70 M GBX
20.2018-03-232018-03-230.5308.00300.00Glg Partners Lp6.54 M GBX
21.2018-03-222018-03-220.65307.50308.00Glg Partners Lp-0.53 M GBX
22.2018-03-212018-03-210.5307.00307.50Glg Partners Lp-0.41 M GBX

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