Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag - history

Country: Germany. Ticker: AFX.XETRA

Summary for all available positions:
Blackrock Investment Management (uk) LimitedResult is 0.00 million EUR (full history)
Millennium International Management Lp earned 21.20 million EUR (full history)
Aqr Capital Management LlcResult is 0.00 million EUR (full history)
Qube Research & Technologies Limited lost -0.06 million EUR (full history)
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board earned 2.24 million EUR (full history)

Total sum: 23.37 million EUR earned in 17 positions.
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2024-07-052024-07-13 (ongoing)0.5165.30-Blackrock Investment Management (uk) Limited-
2.2024-06-182024-07-13 (ongoing)0.4267.05-Millennium International Management Lp-
3.2024-06-172024-06-170.5684.3567.05Millennium International Management Lp8.66 M EUR
4.2024-06-122024-06-140.6786.3084.35Millennium International Management Lp1.17 M EUR
5.2024-05-312024-06-110.7989.4586.30Millennium International Management Lp2.23 M EUR
6.2024-05-132024-05-300.8194.5589.45Millennium International Management Lp3.69 M EUR
7.2024-05-092024-05-100.7393.9094.55Millennium International Management Lp-0.42 M EUR
8.2024-05-082024-05-080.6599.6593.90Millennium International Management Lp3.34 M EUR
9.2024-05-072024-05-070.49100.0099.65Millennium International Management Lp0.15 M EUR
10.2024-04-152024-07-13 (ongoing)0.51102.30-Aqr Capital Management Llc-
11.2024-04-112024-05-060.52105.10100.00Millennium International Management Lp2.37 M EUR
12.2024-04-042024-07-13 (ongoing)0.47111.50-Qube Research & Technologies Limited-
13.2024-03-182024-04-030.50120.25111.50Qube Research & Technologies Limited3.91 M EUR
14.2024-03-152024-03-150.49121.95120.25Qube Research & Technologies Limited0.75 M EUR
15.2024-02-192024-03-140.50111.40121.95Qube Research & Technologies Limited-4.72 M EUR
16.2020-11-182024-07-13 (ongoing)0.46115.90-Canada Pension Plan Investment Board-
17.2020-01-202020-11-170.51120.80115.90Canada Pension Plan Investment Board2.24 M EUR

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