Bnp Paribas Sa - history

Country: France. Ticker: BNP.PA

Summary for all available positions:
Bridgewater Associates Lp lost -11.20 million EUR (full history)

Total sum: 11.2 million EUR lost in 9 positions.
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2022-09-262024-07-20 (ongoing)0.5046.91-Bridgewater Associates Lp-
2.2022-09-212022-09-210.5048.4447.97Bridgewater Associates Lp2.69 M EUR
3.2022-09-092022-09-120.5047.4450.56Bridgewater Associates Lp-17.64 M EUR
4.2022-09-022022-09-050.5045.9846.46Bridgewater Associates Lp-2.71 M EUR
5.2022-07-112022-07-290.5945.4646.00Bridgewater Associates Lp-3.60 M EUR
6.2022-06-232022-07-080.6049.0445.46Bridgewater Associates Lp24.29 M EUR
7.2022-06-222022-06-220.5949.3649.04Bridgewater Associates Lp2.10 M EUR
8.2022-06-212022-06-210.6048.3549.36Bridgewater Associates Lp-6.85 M EUR
9.2022-06-142022-06-200.5046.6748.35Bridgewater Associates Lp-9.47 M EUR

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