Bergenbio Asa - history

Country: Norway. Ticker: BGBIO.OL

Summary for all available positions:
Renaissance Technologies Llc earned 0.72 million NOK (full history)
Guevoura Fund Limited earned 0.18 million NOK (full history)
Millennium International Management Lp earned 0.03 million NOK (full history)
Millennium Capital Partners Llp earned 0.38 million NOK (full history)

Total sum: 1.31 million NOK earned in 18 positions.
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2024-07-032024-07-13 (ongoing)0.5911.72-Renaissance Technologies Llc-
2.2024-06-242024-07-020.6810.5111.72Renaissance Technologies Llc-0.32 M NOK
3.2024-05-302024-06-210.714.2810.51Renaissance Technologies Llc1.04 M NOK
4.2023-06-212023-06-214.610.280.27Guevoura Fund Limited0.04 M NOK
5.2023-06-202023-06- Fund Limited-0.12 M NOK
6.2023-06-192023-06-195.520.290.25Guevoura Fund Limited0.18 M NOK
7.2023-06-162023-06-163.430.320.29Guevoura Fund Limited0.09 M NOK
8.2023-06-162023-06-210.710.320.27Millennium International Management Lp0.03 M NOK
9.2023-06-132023-06-150.60.310.32Millennium International Management Lp-0.01 M NOK
10.2023-06-132023-06-152.50.310.32Guevoura Fund Limited-0.02 M NOK
11.2023-06-122023-06-120.580.320.31Millennium International Management Lp0.01 M NOK
12.2023-06-082023-06- Fund Limited-0.03 M NOK
13.2023-06-072023-06-071.820.300.29Guevoura Fund Limited0.02 M NOK
14.2023-06-062023-06-060.890.340.30Guevoura Fund Limited0.03 M NOK
15.2023-06-022023-06-213.930.360.27Millennium Capital Partners Llp0.32 M NOK
16.2023-06-012023-06-013.820.290.36Millennium Capital Partners Llp-0.24 M NOK
17.2023-05-302023-05-313.120.370.29Millennium Capital Partners Llp0.20 M NOK
18.2023-05-262023-05-291.230.450.37Millennium Capital Partners Llp0.09 M NOK

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