Autostore Holdings Ltd - history

Country: Norway. Ticker: AUTO.OL

Summary for all available positions:
Lingotto Investment Management Llp earned 179.88 million NOK (full history)
Kintbury Capital Llp lost -234.91 million NOK (full history)
Exor Capital Llp earned 8.33 million NOK (full history)
Psquared Asset Management Ag earned 71.96 million NOK (full history)

Total sum: 25.25 million NOK earned in 28 positions.
# From To Short-% StartPrice EndPrice Player Change
1.2024-07-012024-07-20 (ongoing)1.3212.56-Lingotto Investment Management Llp-
2.2024-03-042024-06-281.216.9112.56Lingotto Investment Management Llp179.88 M NOK
3.2024-01-232024-03-220.5119.5118.90Kintbury Capital Llp10.78 M NOK
4.2023-08-182023-12-140.5320.0018.69Kintbury Capital Llp24.13 M NOK
5.2023-07-062024-03-01123.2116.91Exor Capital Llp216.15 M NOK
6.2023-05-262023-05-300.522.4222.97Kintbury Capital Llp-9.43 M NOK
7.2023-03-302023-05-010.5622.5922.83Kintbury Capital Llp-4.64 M NOK
8.2023-02-162023-03-290.622.3122.59Kintbury Capital Llp-5.83 M NOK
9.2023-01-092023-02-150.5923.6722.31Kintbury Capital Llp27.65 M NOK
10.2023-01-032023-07-050.9618.4723.21Exor Capital Llp-156.43 M NOK
11.2023-01-022023-01-060.617.9323.67Kintbury Capital Llp-119.05 M NOK
12.2022-11-152022-12-300.5519.9617.93Kintbury Capital Llp38.65 M NOK
13.2022-11-142022-11-140.6721.3019.96Kintbury Capital Llp31.18 M NOK
14.2022-11-092022-11-110.7622.3321.30Kintbury Capital Llp26.97 M NOK
15.2022-11-032023-01-020.8319.9318.47Exor Capital Llp41.47 M NOK
16.2022-10-192022-11-080.8918.2422.33Kintbury Capital Llp-125.74 M NOK
17.2022-10-132022-11-030.5915.1119.82Psquared Asset Management Ag-95.57 M NOK
18.2022-10-032022-10-120.6912.0215.11Psquared Asset Management Ag-73.68 M NOK
19.2022-09-212022-10-180.912.2518.24Kintbury Capital Llp-186.19 M NOK
20.2022-09-192022-09-300.7912.2012.02Psquared Asset Management Ag4.79 M NOK
21.2022-09-162022-11-020.7312.2519.93Exor Capital Llp-192.21 M NOK
22.2022-09-152022-09-200.811.9012.25Kintbury Capital Llp-9.61 M NOK
23.2022-09-142022-09-140.7413.5411.90Kintbury Capital Llp41.94 M NOK
24.2022-09-142022-09-160.8313.5412.20Psquared Asset Management Ag38.36 M NOK
25.2022-09-122022-09-130.5214.8913.54Kintbury Capital Llp24.27 M NOK
26.2022-09-012022-09-130.9213.2013.54Psquared Asset Management Ag-10.65 M NOK
27.2022-06-292022-09-150.6216.9612.25Exor Capital Llp99.34 M NOK
28.2022-05-042022-08-310.820.7513.20Psquared Asset Management Ag208.71 M NOK

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